It’s all here on our Random Acts of Art #9 coffee bag by the way-talented Neil McCann, aka Captain Pipe – myths, realities, beasts, a big ... oh look, you’ll have to have a squiz at the bag for yourselves. A big thanks to Neil for this wicked little number & for sharing some words below. And thanks to Lisa, our stellar York St CBD manager who put us in touch when Neil was frequenting the café last year.
Over to your art in a moment but quickly first…


Today we're sending out some love to all the bangin' singles out there (single origins, that is) with a few love letters from the crew to their most memorable coffee trysts. Hope they bring you some love this V Day too xx 



5 Fave Pieces of Coffee Kit For Home

With the Single O cafés closed over the festive season, we’ve been brewing like demons at home (and in the campground, on the beach, you name it), and thought we’d share five coffee equipment recommendations from our crew, to help you really get your coffee game on in 2017. You know we can talk coffee ‘til the jersey cows come home, so for brew tips, hit us up at the roastworks on (02) 9693 2232, or see our guides here.



We started this Random Acts of Art project in late 2013, and 3 years later have seen several wicked artworks across our 1kg bags, not the least of which is our latest from Sindy Sinn. It’s our first art bag as officially ‘Single O’ so to celebrate, we’ve splashed a good bit of orange on it. Sindy calls the piece ‘Bottlerocket’, inspired in our briefing chat by the phrase “cannot be contained”. Referencing coffee, the zestful lively types who work with it, and love it. We reckon it also sums up Sindy. Hear from him below!


It’s been a cracker month serving up our 3 Course Geisha. Good Food month coincides with the end of what we call “Geisha Season”, and we had a beautiful Geisha that we wanted to feature as part of a tasting flight. On top of that, we had our first ever Geisha Cascara – actually, it’s the first Geisha Cascara that Hacienda La Esmeralda have ever produced.

So Jan, Gus, Wendy & about 10 other keen beans got together in the lab at Botany to taste the Geisha coffee & cascara and come up with a food pairing. The result: an almond financier cake with house-made vanilla mascarapone, a salad of nectarine, almond & candied lime zest & a cascara syrup.

In typical Single O fashion the idea for a Geisha Cascara was conceived over a few wines between Wendy & Rachel Peterson of Hacienda la Esmeralda, and made from their 2016 auction-winning natural coffees. Because of the uniform ripeness & high quality of these cherries, it tastes incredible.

We’ve had so much great feedback about the Geisha cascara & so we’re stoked to be offering limited 125g packs for sale in the café & online here.

Check out the O File here.


International Coffee Day

Single O International coffee day Moka

We're celebrating International Coffee Day by sharing one of the oldest and most traditional coffees in the world with you, the Moka variety. Thought to be a wild coffee variety originating in Yemen, it's known for its small round shape and is sometimes called “Ismaili” in Yemen. (more…)

Name Changer! We’re Officially Becoming Single O

Single O

By month’s end, we will have officially changed names from Single Origin Roasters to Single O. Not such a dramatic change, like say "Backrub" to "Google" or "Farrokh Bulsara" to "Freddie Mercury". But a change to celebrate nonetheless. (more…)

Six Degrees Of New And Special

A quick connection of the related new and delicious things going on around here, starting with, seeing as you’re at your computer, our new online store.

By the wiggle of your mouse over to the top right to ‘Online Shop’, you can peruse our blends, single origins of the month, updated coffee subscriptions, new gift cards and so on, and if you wish to purchase, won’t have to endure the hardships of our last checkout. We’re cracking top notch coffee dispatch speeds and yep, live shipment tracking. To stay informed about new products and special offers, join our newsletter feed here. (more…)

A Skeleton Sippin’ a Long Black: Random Acts of Art No 7: Kentaro Yoshida

Single O Kentaro Random Acts of Art bag

Gotta love it when artist friend introduces artist friend, especially when the introduced artist friend is Kentaro Yoshida, who does kick arse skeleton and skull illustrations. (Thanks Georgia Hill for the intro, just another reason to love ya.) Below, our 7th Random Acts Of Art artist Kentaro talks motorcycle gang manga, bowling pins, his creative process and more. Have a squiz and we hope you love his art as much as we do. Keep an eye out for it this month, on bags and also on postcards in our coffee stand at Splendour In The Grass! (more…)

The Single O Team Talks Lucky 13

This June we launched ‘Lucky 13’, a birthday blend that’s full and sweet like the years. Below, a few love-you-long-time Single O crew share a bit about the blend, lucky times and other bits and bobs. Cheers to all our team, customers and origin partners, who’ve been part of the wild 13 year journey to date! (more…)

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