Now Open In The CBD. Dem City Lights!

Single O CBD

Reservoir blend? Check. Bacon and egg roll with red eye mayo? Check. Banana bread with espresso butter? Check. Sideshow sandwiches? Check. Linea PB, Juggler, Robur E, Mahlkonig EK 43 and Anfim? Check. Origins of the month batch brew and espresso? Check.

With a swag of goodness from Surry Hills, we’ve hit the town at 89 York Street.

It’s the third café we’ve opened, and it’s the first where people actually inhabit the area, which is a bit of a bonus. (Lower Surry Hills in 2003 and backwaters of Botany in 2014 being ‘build-a-crowd’ type locations.)

Our mission for our third was to somewhat recreate a Sideshow Surry Hills takeaway space and street vibe, with an epic food offering rolled in. An old Surry Hills customer set the wheels in motion when they came across a Sideshow- sized site being created in York Street and thought to give us a buzz. Thanks Craig!

Our CBD team is headed up by Michael who you might recognize from Surry Hills. He picked up and left for the city, taking with him fellow barista Alex. New faces Imogen and Ivan will be found at the till and in the kitchen, so make sure to give them a warm Single O welcome. (It must be said, the ‘Hug Read’ on the opening days has been off the charts, who said the city’s not friendly?!)

Head Chef Troy Cotton has outdone himself yet again, here’s his full menu – see for yourself!

Breakfast is ALL DAY and covers all of the best bits – bacon and egg roll, avocado tomato & feta toast, poached egg brekkie box – and then some. For those of us who aren’t city dwellers, it’s worth the trip just to get your hands on a ‘Mr. Croque’ – Troy’s improvement of a Croque-Monsieur with smoked leg ham, cheddar béchamel and pickled vegetables.

Single O CBD Mr Croque

At lunchtime we’ve got a Chicken Quinoa salad that’s perfection, and the ‘Freek Salad’ with cauliflower, pumpkin, freekah, radicchio and vinaigrette.

Single O CBD Freek salad

If those don’t float your boat, perhaps you fancy building your own braised beef cheek, pickles & slaw brioche bun?

Single O CBD beef cheek

Daily baked goods and coldwell surprises abound.

Single O CBD food items

We’ve also got some exotic beverages on tap. Ginger and finger-lime infused Kombucha by Wild Kombucha and cascara (sparkling tea made from the coffee cherry) by yours truly are pouring all day long.

Now onto the star beverage, coffee.

For milk coffee drinkers that delight in change, just ask for our Origin Of The Week. Many a single origin pairs well with milk, our baristas will give you their recommendation.

Black coffees are made with our Origin of the Week and are available espresso or batch brew for those after filter coffee, fast. (Delicious goes without saying).

Retail packs are available, courtesy of what might just be the most beautiful coffee display we’ve ever seen. Our coffee producer partners at origin deserve no less!

Single O CBD pack wall

The space itself has abstract references to filtration and extraction, washed and unwashed, because we are coffee people and just can’t leave the subject alone. A textured paper sculpture painted with coffee and cascara (coffee fruit tea) hangs from the ceiling. Perforated metal mimics the espresso baskets. We’ve also turned a couple of Fetco filters into a tips jar, and the parachute of a ‘wayward blow-in’ figure from the Surry Hills café. As you do.

<Single O CBD Design

So come visit the new kids on the block in York Street, be it for a coffee, breakfast or lunch on the go, or hang with us at our standing bar or bench we hijacked from Sideshow. (Told you we’d packed a swag.)

PS Check out these snaps from our little launch party. Beard takeover that night!

Single O CBD launch party
Single O CBD launch party
Single O CBD launch party


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