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Single O coffee being poured from a stove top brewer

Remember that weird little silver guy ya mum n dad used to have bubbling away on the stove top, spitting out molten bitter coffee, well dig it out of the cupboard because we have a foolproof way to brew a delicious cuppa joe, every time!


Stovetop/Moka Pot, roughly 18g coarsely ground coffee, kettle & a stove/cooker top.

  1. Unscrew top of Moka pot
  2. Fill bottom chamber with boiled water. Do not fill past valve!
  3. Fill basket with coffee
  4. Even out but don’t press down!
  5. Use a cloth to screw top to base
  6. Place on stove on a low heat
  7. After a minute, coffee will emerge from spout
  8. Once bubbling has stopped, switch off the heat
  9. Run base under cold water to stop coffee brewing
  10. Pour, drink and enjoy!

Cookie heads up! If we could we’d call ‘em biccies & we’d be dunking ‘em in coffee, but sadly these bad boys are virtual & non-edible.
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