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With the long weekend fast approaching, we’re takin’ a moment to talk the best ways to brew on the go.

Camp coffee often gets a bad rep, but with the right extras and a bit of finessing, there’s nothing holding you back. A couple of tricks up your sleeve and you’ll be the champion of the campsite, the legend of the lodge, or the hero of the house before the weekend is through.

Our good friend the Aeropress is a primo travel companion for a bush escape – light, robust, easy to use and capable of brewing great coffee. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. To get the best out of this guy when you’re on the road, a set of scales and a hand grinder are sure to keep the brews flowing fresh & fast. If you’re somewhere remote, it’s worth giving a bit of thought to your water too – it’s the often-overlooked building block of tasty coffee. It may seem a bit extreme, but BYO-ing some water from home may be a good option to guarantee a tasty brew. For a detailed low-down on how to brew with an Aeropress, check out our brew guide here. And if you’re thinking about investing in a little travel kit we’ve got all the good stuff bundled together on our online shop – it can be found here.

We get it, not everyone finds bush bashing the most relaxing way to spend a weekend; nothing wrong with that. But you rushed out the door, forgot your Aeropress, and are now stuck with the dreaded holiday house plunger! Fear not though – even this humble kitchen staple can brew with the best of them. A quick word of warning though: you will want to give this guy a thorough clean before putting tasty coffee through it; those dank oils that have been sitting in there will definitely spoil your brew if they’re left unattended. Unscrew the plunger piece, separate the mesh and give it all a good scrub. A set of scales & a timer will also be your friend here – French Press coffee generally tastes best in the 60-70g p/litre ratio, with brew times of around 4 minutes. Combine this newfound knowledge with a bag of your favourite origin & you’re set!

Getting a quality brew on a long weekend can be a tricky task even in the city, a situation that’s especially unwelcome if you threw back a few too many beers the right before. If the local is too busy to comprehend, or, heaven forbid – closed – you may find yourself brewing up some self-medication. Our preference when settling in for a sesh at home is a cheeky batch brew – it allows you to brew multiple tasty cups with minimal effort, perfect for a lazy Saturday sleep in or if the crew is coming around for brunch. Our pals at Technivorm make some great products (like the Moccamaster!), and you can read more about using them here. For those who are seeking a low-tech option, a plunger also goes down a treat – nice and simple with the possibility to scale up your brews if the need presents.

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