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If you’ve been kicking around cafes for a while, books like ‘Everything But Espresso’ or ‘The Espresso Quest’ may have paved the way for you along your journey to tasty coffee. Books hold a certain place in education; here’s a curated list of some of our favourites:

Espresso Extraction – Measurement & Mastery – Scott Rao

Scott Rao is a prolific author & consultant, picking up any of his books are sure to challenge you and introduce you to new ideas. This particular title is Scott’s most recent book on brewing, debunking some of the previous coffee myths and looking at how to make delicious coffee repeatable. It’s available as an e-book, too! scottrao.com


Water For Coffee – Christopher H. Hendon & Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood

Coffee, service & business based musings.

Thinking of diving down the rabbit hole of coffee chemistry? This book is a full on read and not for the faint of heart. Chris and Max, a scientist and coffee geek respectively, go deep into the science of water & it’s impact on the flavour of coffee. While this may not have so many direct implications for you in the shop, it’s an accessible and fascinating look at the science of coffee


The World Atlas of Coffee – James Hoffman

As the title may suggest, Hoffman’s World Atlas is a wonderful overview of all things coffee. Hoffman takes us from seed to cup, exploring the varied stories, origins & brew methods along the way. Hoffman does a great job of demystifying coffee growing areas, picking apart countries region by region, providing background info & maps as he goes. Also full of pretty pictures, this is an informative & engaging read.theworldatlasofcoffee.com


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