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Yeah cool, you wanna learn more about coffee and stuff? The internet is a great place to turn for info, but as with all things online there is a quagmire of (often conflicting) ideas waiting to suck you in. We’ve taken the time to sort out some of the best online resources – everything from podcasts to forums – and sum them up for you below.

Barista Hustle

Coffee science, extraction theory, gear, opinion.

Matt Perger is a household name in established specialty coffee circles, and his blog Barista Hustle has gained prevalence as a reliable source of thought provoking coffee bits. Barista Hustle has kind of transitioned into a mailing list as well as a significant Facebook group discussing all things specialty – go and check it out! www.baristahustle.com


Coffee, service & business based musings.

James Hoffman is another reliable coffee guy – this time hailing from the UK. James has been a WBC champion (check) among other specialty accolades, and his blog looks at the specialty industry from another view. There’s a huge archive of musings from around the last 5 years to sift through, it’s a thought provoking way to spend an afternoon. www.jimseven.com



News, gear, new openings, branding, industry stuff.

Sprudge is arguably the best online specialty coffee news source, covering everything from aeropress comps to trade shows and new gear releases, Sprudge is a great stop to see what’s coming up & happening in the industry. If this sort of info interests you, it’s also worth checking out dailycoffeenews.com for broader industry based stuff – think news based around coffee farms, large companies

Opposites Extract podcast

Industry pros talk all things coffee.

Opposites extract is a podcast run by CafeImports with thought provoking debate style discussion on wide ranging issues – think a discussion on service from Cat & Cloud, an in depth look into natural coffee processing and chatting about latte art. This is a goldmine for those taking the train into work! www.oppositesextract.com

Opposites attract

Scott Rao’s Blog

Extraction, roasting, equipment, opinion.

Scott Rao is another household name for those familiar with specialty coffee literature. Scott has famously written quite a few books, perhaps most notably the Barista’s Handbook & The Coffee Roasters Companion. This blog is a hot bed of interesting ideas and opinions, and be sure to check out the comments for some interesting discussion, too. www.scottrao.com/blog/

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