firecracker - brewin' moves edition

Helllllo Firecracker!

Our annual limited seasonal blend. Born as a celebration of the Sumida Fireworks Festival (just a hop and skip from both our Hamacho Cafe and Ryoguku Roastworks), now a celebration of Japan Summer and all their festive season has to offer. And this year's edition captures all that Summer excitement - from cafes gearing up for the busy season and locals prepping for countryside family visits to that moment of darkness before fireworks crack across the sky or even just the first sip cold brew in the morning.

Speaking of cold brew - this coffee is the perfect refresher. A blend of sparkling PNG natural balanced with a washed Peru and Colombia bursting with cherry notes. Plus it's a banging across all methods (even milkys).

Firecracker - Brewin' Moves Edition Firecracker - Brewin' Moves Edition