Despite Scomo claiming that café’s aren’t going to contribute to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, we’re just not ones to sit around and wait for politicians to take action on climate change.

Quite the contrary. Maybe it’s got something to do with our caffeine levels, but we’ve been working double-time on our carbon footprint. We’ve just achieved Carbon Neutrality. And since January this year, have been 1% For The Planet members. You see, Scomo, even though we’re a tiny speck of a business on this earth, we’ve all got to do our bit and make this climate change thing as top of mind as coffee is each morning.

Speaking of which, The Climate Institute is predicting that over 60% of the Arabica coffee species could disappear by 2050. In 2018 we highlighted coffee’s vulnerability from rising temperatures due to climate change, that is threatening the very future of coffee. Back then, we were the first roaster to introduce climate resilient F1 varieties into Australia via No Death to Coffee.

And we’ve been doing other bits and pieces for Mamma Earth since our inception in 2003, but it’s high time to tackle our business’s emissions head-on.


We’ve recently completed a full audit of Single O’s carbon footprint.
We’re roasters, not mathematicians but 3,219 tonnes of carbon sounds like a lot.

This has led us to a two-pronged attack.

Firstly, this week Single O has achieved carbon neutral status, partnering with Greenfleet Australia, a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation committed to protecting our climate by planting native biodiverse forests in Australia and New Zealand that absorb carbon from the atmosphere, improve soil and water quality, and provide vital habitat for native wildlife. Our commitment is to offset 3,219 tCO2-e of CO2-e.

Secondly, we’re trying to commando roll carbon to it’s knees in a more grassroots kind of way. We know we can’t take town carbon alone. Enter Missions Against Emissions, a café and customer initiative to try and reduce the carbon accrued from farm to the time it reaches our cup.


Partnering with Three Blue Ducks, Estabar and 77 cafés around Australia, our first Mission Against Emissions is to encourage the surrender of single use on Earth Day to divert 10,000 single use cups from the waste stream and save a tonne of carbon*. Next up is the launch of Stone’s Throw, our first ever Asia-Pacific blend paying homage to our region’s new quality initiatives, featuring coffees from Sumatra, PNG & Byron Bay Australia, with 50% less transport emissions than a typical blend & offset from farm to door.

There’ll be plenty more to come, as we, like other businesses, go about reducing our carbon footprint, little guidance or enthusiasm from our government, not slowing us down on our way!

For more information and to get behind Missions against Emissions, head to


At Single O we strive to source ethically & environmentally sound beans, products & produce. We installed 92 solar panels at our Roastworks in Botany which currently offsets 30% of our electricity production. We co-founded The Juggler, the world’s first purpose-built café milk on tap system which has saved over 18 million two-litre plastic milk bottles from the waste stream, now seen in cafes across Australia.

We’re proud to announce that as of this week Single O is now carbon neutral, marking the culmination of an 18-year journey, with a commitment to offsetting 3,219 tCO₂-e of CO2-e through Greenfleet Australia at a rate of $17.82 per Carbon offset with the achievement of carbon neutral status.

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