Christmas always gets a little hot (and that’s before Aunty Jan gets on the sherry). So, we’re hooking you up with everything you need to cool things down.

Hario cold brewer one litre with coffee beans

Grab a Cold Brew You 2020 Coffee + Hario Bundle and follow our cold brew recipe below.

For a light, but dynamic cold brew without milk, go for a ratio of 60g/L. If you’re after a bolder, ice latte style brew with a splash of milk, use 80g/L.

1_ Weigh & grind your coffee to the coarsest setting
2_ Pop the top, sit the filter in the carafe and sling your coffee grounds in
3_ Pour 1 litre of room temp water over the coffee grounds
4_ Give the carafe a swirl, making sure all the coffee is submerged in the water
5_ Put the lid on, pop it in the fridge. We’ve had the best results brewing between 18-24 hours, but feel free to experiment!
6_ At the end of brew time, remove filter and dispose of coffee grounds to compost (the bottom cap unscrews for easy cleaning) and replace the lid
7_ You’re ready to serve your tasty cold brew. Enjoy black, or add a splash of milk
8_ Your Sugarplum cold brew will keep well in the fridge for up to 5 days

Download our Cold Brew Sugarplum Recipe Card

Coarse coffee grind for cold brew recipe

The ground coffee will look very coarse – something like this

Test text

Filling coffee carafe with water to make cold brew.

Fill with water at room temperature.

After brewing in fridge overnight remove coffee filter and grounds by letting it drip.

Unscrew the top of your Hario and give it a gentle shake.

Pouring cold brew into a glass with ice

Pour into a glass with ice and enjoy!

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