Is it business as usual? Can I still get my coffee?

For now it’s business as usual, and we will be taking orders, roasting coffee and delivering with even stronger sanitation and social distancing practice in place.
• Deliveries will continue as normal
• Tech – emergency callouts and scheduled preventative maintenance continue as normal with social distancing & hand sanitizing practices in place for our technicians
• Trainings and events will be cancelled for now unless onboarding a new customer or an emergency.

What health and safety measures do you have in place?
• We have postponed all training and events in public for now, we will reschedule these
• We have sent home all non-essential staff to reduce the risk of infection within the roasting facilities. This ensures we can keep roasting and delivering coffee to your businesses.
• Our Retail teams are acting on reduced shift patterns and tighter regulations around social distancing and hand sanitizers, we aren’t accepting reusables or cash payments at this stage.

I’m experiencing a drop in demand at my café and I’d like to return my coffee?

For any coffee that has been paid for, roasted and delivered, unfortunately we can’t accept back. The good news is there are ways to ensure you can use it – see below.

Can I use older coffee, or freeze i? Ideas on how to save my stash?

Never toss coffee, we say! If you have excessive stock, you can try:
1) Playing with your recipe
· Check your o-file recipe, and start by adding a gram to your dose
· Adding coffee means there’s more flavor to access and can increase the extraction %
· Only 1gram though! Any more and the extraction % can go down.
· As a general rule, dose 22g dose for our blends once they pass the 21 day threshold.
2) Make Cold Brew Using Chilled Filter Method
· Use your regular filter brewer (v60, Moccamaster etc) and calculate the ratio based on total weight of both the hot water and the ice you’re going to use to cool the brew
· EG 800ml water + 200g ice will require a dose of 60g at the standard ratio. Play around with grinding a little finer or updosing a bit to pull up that brew strength too.
3) Freeze Sealed Coffee For Up To 3 Weeks
· Finally, no problem with storing your coffee in the freezer, so long as it’s sealed and used within 3 weeks.

I’m worried about being able to make payments.
Please let us know immediately if you think you will default on a payment. We will be unable to keep supplying coffee without payments at this time. Your landlord and bank are the first ports of call for deferred or reduced payments.

Are you able to offer me terms because things are a bit tight at the moment?

For prepaid customers – We aren’t able to offer terms at this stage due to the volatility in the market.

Can I setup a payment plan on my current terms?

If you are currently up to date within your terms, we can discuss payment plans.

If you are behind on payment terms, we are unable to setup a payment plan. We are offering an incentive of 1KG free (retail value of approximately $300.00 by cup) if you can bring your terms up to date.

Any ideas for sales and cost savings during this period?
• Contact your Landlord for reduced rent
• Contact your bank about financial assistance
• Do what you do best – think on your feet with what could work as takeaway food items, and so forth.
• Sales opportunities from Single O – see below:

What is Single O doing to support cafes?

We are working on a number of Stimulus coffee activities that can help you to drive sales during a challenging period:

Stimulus Blend Extended

• Due to the great feedback on Stimulus blend & three-for-two offer, we’re extending the offer.
• Leverage our 250g ‘three packs for two’ offer (up to you if you pass on the 3 for 2 offer to your café customers).

Get Coffee Credits From Single O Online Sales:

• Your customers enter a unique code to receive 10% off (plus free shipping)
• You’ll receive 15% worth of sales in coffee credits
• This applies to all coffee and equipment purchases made with the code till June 30th.
• Share your code on social media, EDMs or socially distanced face to face.
• We’ll be processing credits against your account monthly, so please allow up to 30 days for them to appear.

Sell Coffee Parachutes! Easiest Brew For Home

• Six packs of Parachutes are available – easiest remote worker coffee ever!
• Order for your café counter with confidence due to 3 month shelf life (nitro-flushed).
• $12 per pack with an RRP of $16.
• Also available on our online store to leverage via sharing your unique code to customers.
• See O File for more info.

Pay on Time – Get a Free Kilo!

• Pay for your next order on time and receive a FREE KILO in your box. (Minimum 12kg order).
Note: Payments must be up to date to receive this!

Will there be a forced shutdown of cafes and restaurants in the coming days? What can we do?

Our current understanding is that cafes and restaurants will be limited to 100 seats. We are staying close to this and will update as soon as we have more info.

How will we notify you of a government shutdown?

Through social, email & the phones if needed!

Who do we call in the event of an emergency?

Call the office on 9693 2232 and speak to Katrina, Lisa or Will.

Our Emergency numbers remains 0424 479 808. Our customer service team will remain open and available to chat. If in doubt speak to your sales team.

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