Our UG22 Probat roaster is in place, our coffee line up is all systems go, the stars have aligned and we’re off and roasting in Tokyo.

What led to this point? Well that’s a thirteen-year old story that has its origins in Surry Hills, Sydney, and if you’d like more on that, click here.

Back to Tokyo now, where we’re stoked to have started roasting for some coffee-passionate folk over here.

Our small Tokyo roastery is one sweet set up housing our refurbished UG22Probat roaster and production, along with our cupping and training site. Our precious green features the makings of our house blend, along with rare single origin coffees. Some all-time favourites in this cut!

Leading the Japan charge is Yu Yamamoto, our roaster of many years in Sydney, and also barista, hospitality all-rounder, Q Grader, business development manager…there’s no end to what this man can do. A steady stream of Single O visitors including Coffee Buyer Wendy De Jong can also be found popping up in our roastery.

See details about our wholesale offering, or for any more info, we’d love to chat on 03 6240 4455 or info.jp@singleoriginroasters.com.au

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