We live and breathe to provide our coffee and service to like-minded cafes! We’re set to bring our thing to Tokyo café culture, as we have done for over the last decade to Sydney’s café culture.

(The Australian press has said kind things about us over the years like “a homage to coffee…it can take a lot of the credit for educating Sydney on the finer points of bitterness, acidity, body and aroma.” (Good Café Guide) and “…quote from latest SMH good food coffee edition?

We’re not ones to do things by half measures, so we’re offering both blend and single origins, with the singles roasted for espresso and filter, and we’re providing barista training, cupping and coffee education.

Our house blend is a bright, sophisticated blend, with flavours of ripe stone fruits, vibrant acidity, delicate body and clean finish. It’s based off our Sydney signature blend ‘Reservoir’, and we’re excited to bring it to the café tables of Tokyo.

Our single origin line up, largely directly traded and featuring several coffees you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere in Japan, is an array of flavours we’re thrilled to showcase. To view the range, click here.

Any coffee loving cafes, restaurants or companies interested in partnering with us for your coffee needs, let’s chat!

Phone (Roastery): 03 6240 4455
Email: info@singleo.jp

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Cookie heads up! If we could we’d call ‘em biccies & we’d be dunking ‘em in coffee, but sadly these bad boys are virtual & non-edible.
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