We’re making up for lost time by tucking into our late arrival Africa coffees.


Brew you 2020

Well, it’s been one hell of a year for all of us, and before we ask 2020 to kindly leave, we have come up with a few ways to counter act the year that was.


The “Morning Schooner” You Can Drive To Work With – Hello Cold Brew

Who doesn’t want a smashable cold one in summer!? Cold brew coffee could be our answer to a morning schooner... and you can still drive to work. So here’s a little more about cold coffee & how to go about brewing it. (more…)

Surprise from Sumatra

Indonesia’s humidity is in part responsible for the tendency to adopt the ‘wet hulled’ process that you are probably familiar with. It’s the process by which coffee is pulped and then dried down to 35% moisture, before hulling takes place when soft and dry. But rest assured that this is not all the region has to offer.


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A ‘Chute And A Shoot From Costa Rica

It’s no secret that a good cup comes from a good crop. Even the best roasters in the world – yes exactly, like Single O’s Ed, Stu and Dan – are at the mercy of the quality of the green bean. Which is why, along with meeting sustainability criteria, rewarding with fair prices, supporting a range of producer organisations including entrepreneurial individuals, co-ops and progressive estates, and buying to meet our desired flavour profiles, we meticulously search for high quality.



Nailing your grind is fundamental to a great tasting brew and although we offer pre-ground options for all our coffees (online and at the café), we recommend grinding fresh to get the most out of your cup – there’s a whole flavour wheel of tastes to enjoy after all! (more…)



Corona’s knocked us all sideways in more ways than we could name… & whilst staying open & serving take-aways has kept us sane & solvent, we’re more than keen to pick-up where we left off with our collective fight against single-use.



Drinking Home Coffee Helps Cafes; These Case Studies Prove How

Damned if you’ll let your favourite hospo haunts go unsupported during Covid-19, right? As well as buying takeaways, groceries and home meals, here’s another way you can help, even when your local is closed…


Stock Up On Ready-Made O Meals!

Locals & regular diners of Single O – amidst our fast & fancy footwork to transform our Reservoir street café into a takeaway & corner store, we’ve also launched a delicious new offering - f#!*ng fancy ready-meals & delicious pantry staples.


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