These ‘chutes are your ticket to a great off the beaten track brew.

To get started:

1_ Open coffee bag by tearing along dotted line

2_ Place paper handles over cup rim by pulling them out sideways from parachute bag

3_ Fill bag to the rim, wait for it to drain & repeat three times

4_ Dispose chute & spent grounds to compost, outer coffee bag to landfill (we’re workin’ on it)

For a next level ‘chute:

Nerd out with your parachute by blooming for 30 sec with 50g of water on the first pour, then repeat with 50g/ 30 sec increments till your brew is 200g. We recommend a 2:30-3:00 min steep. No stirring! It can affect the draw.


See our current Parachute coffees available to buy online.

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