“This is one of the local doggo parks so to your delight you get to see all
the local dog legends having a good ol’ run around.”

Starting Point:

Single O Surry Hills
60-64 Reservoir Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010

Stroll into Single O Surry Hills

Meet Dan (our cafe manager)

Adventure 1 – Sabich & a beer from Shwarmama

Adventure 2 – A sit down and a doggo pat in Harmony Park

Adventure 3 – A nap at the Pool of Reflection

Adventure 4 – A few more beers at Bitter Phew

Adventure 5 – Some tequila and a boogey at TIOS

To set the scene: You have just clocked off at Single O Surry Hills, 7 Spro’s deep and all you’ve had for lunch is a croissant – You’re hungry.

First stop you take a quick 3 minute walk to Shwarmama on Commonwealth street to finally get some food in your belly … You grab a Sabich and if you’re lucky they’ve got Wildflower beer on tap … Luckily you brought your Keepcup and the government changed the takeaway alcohol laws over Covid so you fill that bad boy up with some Good as Gold, grab your Sabich and head up to your next stop …

Image credit – Shwarmama

Just around the corner at Harmony Park you sit down with your delicious meal and beer ready to be devoured. This is one of the local doggo parks so to your delight you get to see all the local dog legends having a good ol’ run around. If you happen to be there at sunset heaps of them are wearing collars with funky coloured lights attached to them which is really cute.

Image credit – City of Sydney

You’ve just smashed a meal and a beer and now you’re ready for a nap. Best spot on a good arvo is to head up to the ‘Pool of Reflection‘ in front of the Anzac memorial on the way to Hyde park. There’s always a bunch of skater kids doing tricks and practicing which is fun to watch while you doze off. Just make sure you don’t have any food in your hand or a bin chicken will come and pick it off you, and they’re reaaaaal ugly.

So you’ve had a nap, you’re ready to party. About a 10 minute walk up Oxford street is a great little upstairs bar called Bitter Phew. They have an awesome selection of craft beers on tap, tasty wines and the selection is always rotating so you can try heaps of different stuff. There is a beer garden out the back which is a great spot to steal a first kiss from your future girlfriend. Aaron the owner also doesn’t mind if you accidentally drop a beer glass off the inside bar.

Image credit – Concrete Playground

Your night is going great! You’re feeling a little tipsy and you want to finish the night in style before your 7am start the next morning. You head back towards the Cafe to a little Mexican tequila bar called TIOS. They give you complimentary popcorn once you’re sat down which is delicious … You are then served a shot of Tequila with a juice chaser … the chaser is a combination of pineapple, chili, cucumber, mint and whatever else they put in it but it’s the tastiest way to finish off a shot of tequila ever. You will definitely stay at Tios until close because you’ll be having the best time. If you’re lucky you’ll be dancing on the tables to Darude – Sandstorm for the last song of the night.

Image credit – Tios

One More Thing: Who knows where you’ll end up after that 😉

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