We launched black coffee on tap at our Surry Hills café in early 2019. The Freepour™ Taps were created to shake things up at the coffee bar, in the name of single origins. (Which we’ve had a thing for since 2003.) We set about to give pure black filter coffee as much precedence as the espresso machine. The result was a self-pay self-serve, coffee on tap system, front & centre, at your fingertips.

Tap In Logo - Single O Filter Coffee

Nearing 100 featured single origins & 20,000 button pushes later, we’ve gone on to install the Freepour™ Taps at our Carriageworks cart, as well as at a few gung-ho single origin luvin’ cafes on the Eastern Seaboard – Berkelo, Bread + Butter or Soulmate. We’re stoked to see the rise of black single origin coffee consumption continue & to give it a further a nudge we bring you ‘Tap In’.

You can’t travel far, but hey, coffee can! From smashable to spectacular, our baristas line up their favourite single origins from around the world for our filter tap program, including – to counter those travel restriction blues – a rotating international roaster on tap, too.

Tap into:

Filter Fridays currently 2 for 1 on all tap coffees & changing monthly.

Filter Flights – try any 3 of our coffees incl guest roaster.

International Guest Roaster (changing monthly); Look out for Friedhats coming very soon.

Our Current Tap line-up


Freepour Black Coffee Taps at Single O are easy to use, delicious, fast (get your café coffee in less than 15 seconds flat!) & give you plenty of choice. It’s your gateway to sampling & savouring filter coffee at its best.

Where does this leave milk coffees?

Right where they’ve always been – super important to our craft & offering! We’re just highlighting an additional choice; black single origin coffees, with taste nuances that vary due to region, variety & process. (Most peeps know how different a Chardy is from a Riesling. A natchie from a normy. It’s just about letting them know the same can be said about a Kenya & Costa Rica, unwashed & washed, when it comes to coffee.)

Why does it look like a beer tap system?

While the impetus was to bring single origin coffees to the fore, the format we landed on was inspired by a few too many craft beers at our local. Only with this “bar”, the taps face out. To you. So you can serve yourself. And, tap to pay at this card machine too. It’s easy as.

So are the robots coming for our barista’s jobs?

Don’t sweat it, our filter featured on the taps is set-up, monitored & refilled maximum every 60 minutes by one of our coffee-obsessed humans. They’ll tweak & tinker until they’ve reached brew-nirvana with each batch, well before you’ve even arrived of a morning.The tap system also frees up that very same human so they can take more than a moment to chat to you about flavour, selection, origin – you name it.

Can I get hot & cold on tap?

Hot always. Cold for most of the year round.

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