Wholesale Coffee

Hey! Thanks for getting in touch. If you and your business are totally committed to the pursuit of freakishly good coffee and service, we want to speak with you.(But if you and your business are committed to, say, the best rotis in town, and you’re looking for coffee as a sideline business, let’s just leave it there. Don’t get us wrong … really like rotis … all flaky, rich and chewy at the same time. But if theres’s little coffee focus, it will end in tears.)

We’re in the business of hunting down the world’s best beans and roasting them in small batches daily to order. Along with our four blends, we’re mad enough to showcase around fifty specialty grade origins a year available for either espresso or low pressure extractions. To read about our blends & featured monthly origins CLICK HERE.

With your help we want to continue to raise the standards of coffee and service in the specialty scene. We’ll provide all the coffee, technical and training support and you provide the passion. So go on give us a call, we love a chat. Or if you like, take a moment to fill out the form below, then we’ll be in touch.