This grinder is a bit of a newbie to the specialty coffee scene but has created a quite a stir, quickly rivalling grinders from more established companies such as Mazzer, Anfim and Mahlkonig. The Mythos represents a bit of a redesign from these more traditional grinders. Perhaps the most striking rethink is the position of its burrs at 45 degrees, and the approach to heating, rather than cooling, these burrs. This (theoretically) gives us a more stable temperature throughout the day, and results in less grind retention. The Mythos also has a curiously-shaped sloping hopper, working to minimise changes to dose & particle size as the hopper empties. You need to keep an eye on it though, as it can chew through a kilo without you noticing!

With all this said, the Mythos is not without its quirks, too. As with any other time-based grinder, the dose will change when we adjust particle size. Again, we see a lower dose when we adjust finer, and higher dose when we go coarser. Here’re a few tips for adjusting your mythos:

  • Always check your dose is correct before you change your grind! We’re aiming to be accurate to +- 0.1g
  • Set the grinder up to have dose one as your main dose, dose two as 0.40 sec, and dose three as 0.20 sec. This will allow you to easily and precisely add 1g and 0.5g to the handle, respectively.
  • You can set the grinder to run a full cycle once the button has been depressed, or to have a start/stop function. Different workflows preference a different approach here – feel free to contact us if you wanna have a chat about what’s gonna be best in your shop!
  • The adjustment nob has a numbered ring on the grinder side which is not attached to the burrs. You can set this back to zero without affecting grind size to keep track of your changes, if you’d like.
  • If the grinder has been busy and then sits for a while (10min +) without making a coffee, the next shot will often run faster than where the grinder is set.
  • 1g = 0.40 sec
  • 1 notch = 3-5 sec
  • Purge one shot between grind changes