20% OFF FOR 20 HOURS ONLY! A Festival of Twenty final hurrah in celebration of our o-fficial bday. Cheers for all the years!

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Sugarplum Fanfare Edition

Introducing Sugarplum! Our annual limited festive blend. In celebration of our 20th year, this edition is a fanfare for all. Fit for the whole band, it’s banging on espresso, filter and flatties with a flourishing crescendo of candied cherry, plum & cocoa notes. Plus a giveaway worth tooting your trumpet about; all Sugarplum purchases (across beans & Parachutes) puts you in the draw to win a La Marzocco Linea Micra.

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Santas one stop shop for every coffee lover! Shop coffee, equipment, merch for stocking stuffers, end of year thank you's, sustainable gifts and more.

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Help us turn shopping for coffee upside down and buy from a 'Supercafe'. If say, 1 million of the supposed tens of millions of coffee bags purchased in supermarkets each year were purchased in cafes instead, not only would the coffee be fresher, but significant revenue could be added to hundreds of independent café businesses around Australia. Find your local Single O stocked 'Supercafe'.

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Bean us up! Our 26th artist in our Art Bag Project is here, and things are looking stellar. 

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To keep coffee flowing, we’ve got to keep coffee growing.

That means serving our coffee with a dash of activism against climate change and doing our bit for Mamma Earth. No Death To Coffee!

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