Fresh Coffee Fresh Art: Introducing Kaz. The Japan-born, Sydney-raised, Melbourne-residing artist who comes to us via Morning Market. Shop blend kilos and get some art in your cart.

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The process begins with the oxidation stage before being transferred to barrels to undergo fermentation, then using the principles of Pura Cepa's Fermentum Aqua process, the cherries are de-pulped and floated and returned to the barrels, this time with the addition of citric fruit to create the complex aromatics.

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Help us turn shopping for coffee upside down and buy from a 'Supercafe'. If say, 1 million of the supposed tens of millions of coffee bags purchased in supermarkets each year were purchased in cafes instead, not only would the coffee be fresher, but significant revenue could be added to hundreds of independent café businesses around Australia. Find your local Single O stocked 'Supercafe'.

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To keep coffee flowing, we’ve got to keep coffee growing.

That means serving our coffee with a dash of activism against climate change and doing our bit for Mamma Earth. No Death To Coffee!

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