First up we’re gonna chat about the Robur E, a specialty coffee stalwart. These grinders grace the bar of cafes worldwide, and are regarded in many places as a staple; a signifier of great coffee. As with all grinders, they’re not without their foibles. For starters, all time-based grinders will change their dose when particle size is adjusted. This is because when we grind finer, we are screwing the burrs closer together. This in turn makes it harder for the coffee to get through, resulting in a lower dose in the same amount of time. The opposite is true when we adjust coarser – the coffee is more readily able to move through the burrs now that they’re further apart, and this will give us more coffee in the same amount of time. Here’s some handy things to know when you’re adjusting:

  • Always check the dose is correct before you change your grind (to +- 0.1g!)
  • Mark where you start on top of the collar with a whiteboard marker – this will stop you from getting confused or double adjusting.
  • Only adjust the grind off the back of multiple incorrect extraction times
  • For the first shots of the day, run plenty of coffee through before making any adjustments to grind size – the extraction times will slow during the first 6-8 shots.
  • 1g dry coffee = 0.15 second grind time, or 3 clicks in menu mode.
  • 1 notch on the collar = 3-5 sec brew time
  • Purge 60g of coffee to get the new grind size through