The AeroPress is a compact, easy to use brewer which allows you to truly dictate the terms of the extraction. Tweaking grind and pressure can deliver a broad range of unique cup profiles, helping you to squeeze all the best bits from that tasty light roast you’re rocking. (Or if you’re adding milk and want a stronger brew, an espresso roast if you like.) Total immersion baby! This one’s really fantastic for the home.


AeroPress, AeroPress filter papers, coffee grinder, stirrer, pouring kettle, digital scales, stopwatch, thermometer and a vessel to brew into. (You can buy most of these here)

    1. Place the filter inside the black filter cap and rinse with hot water; this will remove any paper taste from the finished cup.
    2. Weigh out 12.5g of coffee using your digital scales.
    3. Stick your water on to heat up. 92-96 degrees is the sweet spot – with a conventional kettle it’s best to let it boil and then sit for a minute or two. We sell some pretty swish temperature controlled kettles here if you want to up your game.
    4. Lock the black filter cap in place at the base of the brewing tube.
    5. Grind your coffee to a medium particle size – think about halfway between espresso and plunger.
    6. Put the plunger into your tube and invert the two. If you’d like to pre-heat now’s the time!
    7. Weigh your coffee into the inverted AeroPress. As a base recipe we’re looking for 12.5g.
    8. Pour 210g of 95 degrees water into your inverted tube, making sure all the coffee is evenly saturated. This should take 15 seconds or so.
    9. Give the coffee a vigorous stir.
    10. Screw the cap on and play the waiting game until 1.45 seconds.
    11. Place the cup (and hand) on the bottom of the AeroPress & flip over.
    12. Push down using gentle pressure while saying “One elephant, two Elephants”…. Until there are say 30 Elephants in the room. Aiming for a finish time of 2 min 15 seconds.
    13. Enjoy!

NB:Everyone’s got their own way to brew, so play around a little. If you like your brew stronger, try grinding a bit finer or brewing for slightly longer before adding more coffee. For those seeking less acidity, espresso roast coffee will deliver a more ‘traditional’ cup profile. If you want to get real clever try some ‘third wave water’ like our Owner Dion likes to use!