For lovers of a bigger bodied filter coffee, we present the Clever Coffee Dripper. This full-immersion dripper tends to produce the bold, full-bodied coffee you’d get from a plunger with the clarity & control of pour-over coffee.


Clever Dripper, scales, filter papers, cup, big spoon, coarsely ground coffee, kettle (You can buy most of these here)

  1. Pop your filter paper inside the Clever Dripper and pour some hot water over it to rinse out any papery taste and also heat the brewer. Don’t worry about the Clever Dripper being placed on anything as the water will only drain once it’s on your cup.
  2.  Place Clever Dripper over your cup and allow the water to drain. This will also heat up your cup too. Once the water has drained discard it and place your Clever Dripper onto your scales.
  3.  Put 13.5 g coarsely ground coffee into your Clever Dripper and tare your scales.
  4.  Quickly pour 200g of just off the boil water in a circular motion into the brewer. You don’t need to worry about a bloom with the Clever Dripper.
  5.  Leave it to brew for 3.30 mins.
  6.  At 3.30 mins break the crust of the coffee with 3 stirs of your spoon. Try not to agitate the coffee too much whilst doing this as it can affect the drawdown of coffee.
  7.  Once you have stirred the coffee 3 times place your Clever Dripper on top of your cup and let it drain. It will take around 5-6 mins which is normal for this brew method. Once the bed of the coffee is dry take the brewer off your cup and enjoy!