artist no. 28. kaz komatsu

Freshness. Noun. (1) The state of being recently made or obtained or not having decayed. (2) The quality of being pleasantly new or different.  


A word, Kaz Komatsu, the creator of the beauty you’re holding, is pretty familiar with. Recently, the Japan-born, Sydney-raised artist moved over the border to Melbourne. ‘I was going to the same exhibitions, seeing the same people and was curious to see what the Melbourne art scene was like’. Change brings freshness and freshness brings inspiration. Maybe that explains the line between creatives and restlessness? 


This brings us to the inspiration of this work, Morning Market, a corner store where freshness can be found in abundance.


It’s also where you’ll find Kaz, on occasion, sipping a cold brew (or an oat mocha) in the sun.


It's where Melburnians shop for fresh produce, flowers, bread, house baked goods and fresh coffee — they've brewed with Single O from day dot.


Whilst you make your way through this kilo, take a look at the art through fresh eyes. Through a new perspective, the graphic details transform and reveal themselves (is that a bean or a butt? a foot or a hand?)


And be sure to store these beans and art, appropriately. After all, freshness is where it’s at.