sydney to the snow o-tinerery

Headed to the snow this week? Or are you on your way there already? 

If you’re the former and definitely if you’re the latter you’re going to need some coffee. Perhaps some food too. And maybe a bottle of wine for the destination.  Our crew hit the road last week to scope out all the pit stops on route to the ski slopes. And spoiler alert. You’ll want to plan lots of time. And leave on an empty stomach. Trust us. 


Some Cafe

Sitting pretty just before you hit Canberra is an old federation house in a tiny town by the name of Collector. Taking a step through the door you’ll learn there’s nothing dated here. A menu of really well done classics (the best), enjoyed by the warm, or outside in the sun if you're game. Be sure to stock up on homemade jams, honey and local natural wine for the road too. Oh and a good pair of socks.


Canberra’s latest sandwich hotspot by none other than Matt Moran. Our pick is the Spicy Deli - but you really can't go wrong with any sando on offer. If you're staying the night in the nation's capital, book a table at Compa next door for some simple, delicious Italian affair.

The Lott 

For an arvo tea stop head to The Lott. A selection of in house baked goods, cakes and treats. Or if you've still got room - grab home made pies, with fillings like green curry it's far from the number you'd grab at the 711.

Or if you’re here at night - be sure to head to Pha’s Thai next door for the best Thai food in Cooma (and maybe Aus). Leave room for dessert. 


Hands down the best coffee and food you’ll get in the area (slopes included). Settle in for a big breaky and grab a sando for the road before hitting the slopes. You'll thank us later.


Double black diamond coffee for green level skill. Grab a pack of chutes for when your stuck between cafes or half way up the mountain.