Aeropress RSI? Over pour-overed? This is the batch brewer we recommend to our barista & café cohort. Gear Patrol called it “The most powerful, advanced coffee maker regular people can buy”. We agree – and with great power comes great flexibility – 6 unique brewing modes, you can set and forget, or geek out til your heart’s content.

Features we love:

Make a batch to share (up to 12 cups) or a single v60 pour over for yourself
Pre-set functions for your preferred coffees and flavours
Auto-start so you can wake up to the aromas of your ready-made morning cup
Customisable parameters e.g. bloom time, water temperature and flow rate
Cold brew capabilities – just set the brew time and the rest is taken care of
Jump on our Clockwork Origin subscription for fresh harvest single origin coffees delivered to your door fortnightly. Delicious beans for your brewer sorted


Breville Precision Brewer (set up and ready to go), 30g coarsely ground coffee, No. 4 filter paper, 500g water (You can buy all of this here)

  1. Turn on Precision Brewer and navigate to ‘My Brew’ on the settings panel.
  2. Set your bloom to 30 secs, your water temp to 98°C & your flow rate to medium (make sure pour over is set to off).
  3. Pour your water into the reservoir.
  4. Remove the top part of the brewer which holds the filter paper and the coffee.
  5. Fold your filter paper along the bottom and then the side and place into the plastic insert.
  6. Pop your coffee in.
  7. Place the filter holder back into the brewer.
  8. Make sure you still have ‘My Brew’ selected on the screen and press ‘Start’.
  9. The brewer will heat up and then start to brew, first it will bloom and then it will brew.
  10. When the water is almost drained from the reservoir move the handle of the filter holder from side to side to allow the coffee to fall from the edges of the filter paper and draw through evenly.
  11. The brewer will beep once it’s finished. Try to drink the coffee within an hour (if it lasts that long that is).