aeropress brew guide

How can one nifty tube give you so many options? Brew lighter roasts through to espresso roasts. (Grind a bit finer and brew a little longer for the latter.) This is our “Inverted” method, as perfected at the World Aeropress Championship. 

What you’ll need:
  • Aeropress, aeropress filter papers & stirring tool (all this plus a mug included with the Aeropress Go!) 

  • Kettle  

  • Scales  

  • Grinder  

  • Time 

  • Coffee beans 

Place filter inside the black filter cap and rinse with hot water; this will remove any paper taste from the finished cup. Set aside. 

Weigh out 12.5g of coffee using your digital scales. 

Heat water to 96 degrees. (With a conventional kettle, let it boil then sit for 30 sec.) 
Grind your coffee to a medium particle size, halfway between espresso and plunger, a little finer than pour over filter setting. 

Put the plunger into Aeropress tube and invert the two. The black cap with filter paper should be removed. If you’d like to pre-heat now’s the time! 
Weigh your coffee into the inverted AeroPress. As a base recipe we’re looking for 12.5g. 

Pour 210g of 96 degrees water into your inverted tube, making sure all the coffee is evenly saturated. This should take 15 seconds or so. 

Give the coffee a vigorous stir. 
Screw the cap on and wait until your time hits 1.45 seconds.  

Place the cup (and hand) over the black cap on the AeroPress & invert. 

Push down using gentle pressure, pushing the brew out over 30sec. Aim for a finish time of 2 min 15 seconds. Stop pushing when you hear a slight hissing sound.