circular o for circular world


- We’re on our way to fully recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging.

- Our roastworks has closed loops with two of its three major waste streams.

- Our café circularity projects include grounds, cups, and cooking oil.  


      Going circular, or gettin’ loopy at Single O, sees us working with communities around us to reduce waste and close loops. Here are a few steps we’ve taken, and many a path we still need to tackle. 

      Packaging Wins and Work To Do

      COMPOSTABLE 250g & 150g BAGS 

      We’ve proudly made the switch to 100% home compostable bags for our 150g and 250g sizes. Progress! Even if they aren't the ultimate sustainability solution that we initially envisioned (don’t get us started about the councils FOGO guidelines change), we’ve seen dedicated home and community composters emerge, which gives us hope for more composting solutions to come. 

      1KG BAGS

      We're on a quest to find the sustainable solution for our 1kg bags. Admittedly, our current packaging falls short in terms of recyclability, compostability, and reusability. We're exploring alternatives like paper recyclable and reusable options, ensuring they meet our supply chain requirements and provides a high enough barrier to honour the quality of our specialty beans.

      Roastworks Loops


      We recycle a portion of our hessian coffee sacks we receive from our green bean suppliers through Reverse Garbage. However, we still have more available. If you need hessian sacks for gardening, arts and crafts, or simply a good ol' sack race, reach out to us at Please note that you'll need to collect them from our Roastworks in Botany.  


      Our chaff, the husk enveloping a coffee bean that comes off in the roasting process, is collected by our mate Matt from Table to Earth, who turn it back into nutrient rich soil through their composting program

      Café Projects 


      We do use takeaway cups at our Surry Hills café. These are sourced from BioPak. They’re Aqueous cups, which are certified home compostable to the AS5810 standard, ensuring they can return to the earth's natural cycle. We also use lids from BioPak, made from sugarcane and also certified as home compostable (AS5810).   
      Since 2018 as part of our #WarOnWaste project, we have aimed to keep single use cups at under 50% of our total takeaway trade. We’ve achieved this through periodic reusable cup incentives, the creation of Standing O bars and Loan-A-Mug baskets. 


      Australia’s annual coffee ground waste is in excess of 75000 tonnes. And these grounds emit methane, a greenhouse gas that’s approximately 30 times as harmful as carbon dioxide. 
      Single O has been diverting 100% of its café grounds away from landfill since 2019, using Org. In Victoria, we are proud to partner with ReGround on behalf of café partners we supply, removing all of their spent grounds to utilise as compost.