french press brew guide

What you need: 
  • An ESPRO plunger (French press) 
  • Burr blade grinder 
  • Pouring kettle  
  • Digital scales 
  • Stirrer 
  • Cups 
  • Timer 

Weigh out your coffee – we’re going to use that same 60g/Litre ratio here. The ESPRO fits about 650g water, so we will need 40g of coarsely ground coffee. We use a similar grind to smaller filter brews like V60. 

Stick your water on to heat up. 92-96 degrees is the sweet spot – with a conventional kettle it’s best to let it boil and then sit for a minute. 
Stick the plunger on your scales, slap your timer on and pour in 650g of water. You want to make sure you’re evenly wetting all the coffee in there and that nothing is getting left behind. Give it a stir once all the water is in.  

At the 4-minute mark it’s time to give the brew a final stir, breaking the crust and making it easier to press down with the plunger. Now, line your plunger up and apply slow steady downward pressure, forcing the grounds to the bottom. If it gets too hard, you can stop and press again. 

Immediately pour the coffee into your favourite cup. If there’s more brewed coffee than you need, pour it into a serving vessel for later as leaving it in the pot will cause the coffee to over extract, resulting in a bitter and dry brew. Yuck. 
Pro Tip: If you don’t have scales that fit the plunger, you can pour your water to the “Max” line that you’ll see inside the ESPRO brewer, this is about 650g.