mission against emissions

We’re aiming to remain under a threshold of 2000 tonnes of carbon (2000 tCOe-2) per annum. This represents a 30% reduction in annual emissions since 2020. (Via Pangolin Associates.) 

Despite a former Prime Minister’s claim that cafés aren’t going to contribute to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, we’re busy doing our bit. With the future of specialty coffee in question amidst rising temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns, we’re making this climate change thing as top of mind as coffee is each morning! 

In 2020 2023 we achieved carbon neutral status, offsetting thousands of tonnes of carbon - 8,152.8 tCO2-e to be precise - by partnering with Greenfleet Australia, where the planting of local native biodiverse forests has the added bonus of repairing nature and providing a vital habitat for native wildlife.  

While there’s a way to go (read on!), we’re busy whittling down our footprint. In the three-year period from 2020 to 2022, we reduced emissions by 35%. 100% Greenpower, more mindful travel and optimised delivery, and a reduced packaging footprint have been key contributors.  


Stone’s Throw Sourcing 

Stone’s Throw program sees us source a variety of coffees from ‘neighbouring nations, including Indonesia, PNG and India. Although shipping is only one part of sourcing emissions – fertiliser inputs, mill energy and so on all contributing too – this will represent a slight footprint reduction, while tasting the goods from our neck of the woods.

Full Sun Roastworks  

Back in2013, we installed 92 solar panels at our Roastworks in Botany, which currently generates approximately 30% of our electricity production which powers our cupping lab, training facility and production floor. When it comes to sun rays we're greeting greedy and planning an upgrade in the coming years that will see solar comprise well over 50% of our roastworks electricity.  

Greener Wheels 
With Electronic Vehicles finally landing on our shores we’ll be hitting the gas on emissions from our delivery vehicles.  This conversion will happen in tandem with our Roastworks solar upgrade.  
Is Missions Against Emissions perfect? No. But, we’re proud of the steps we’re making. Bit by bit, however small, we’re playing our part in the future of Mamma Earth and No Death To Coffee. 
Mission Against Emissions Mission Against Emissions