We're stoked to launch 'Beans & Dreams '22', with a flurry of new bags, sustainability improvements and more.

We've compiled a list of questions and answers, ranging from brave-new-world info like 'How do I dispose of a compostable bag?' Along with questions we're hanging to be asked, like 'Why does 75% of home coffee get purchased through supermarkets?'

And the time starts now...


Can I compost your new bags?

Our 250g and 150g bags are made from plants and are 100% home compostable, so if you have a Bokashi bin, backyard compost or the like, you're in business. Note that the valve, the inks and the label (on Origins) are 100% compostable too, so compost the lot.


How can i get involved if i'm a cafe?

If you’re already receiving organics collection, then sign up at Compost Connect club map (Link to https://www.compostconnect.org/get-on-the-map/) so you can become a drop off point for bags. 

If you’re not currently receiving organics collection and you want to get involved find your local compost services through this easy tool – “Find your local compost service” (link to -https://www.compostconnect.org/compost-service)


Can I put them in FOGO?

Check with your local council. If you’re in NSW, unfortunately no. Even though they are made from plants not oil and are fully compostable, NSW FOGO wont accept them. Don't get us started. 


Made from plants?

Yep, you heard right. Rapidly renewable Eucalyptus and Cassava trees to be exact. How awesome is that! The Eucalyptus comes from Brazil and Cassava from Thailand.


Can you compost them for me?

Sure can, bring your empty bags to our Surry Hills café or Carriageworks cart. We’ll thank you with a free Single O Parachute coffee drip bag. Alternatively, check out compost connect (link to https://www.compostconnect.org/) and enter your postcode to find your nearest compostable drop off point.


How do they stack up carbon wise?

Much better than our previous bags. Made from rapidly renewable plant materials these bags will:

•Reduce the carbon created from production by 50%.

•Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by 73% over the next 5 years.

•Reduce the total traditional plastic used by almost 10 tonne.


You’ve gone zipper-less?

Woohoo, this contributes to a 12% smaller carbon footprint per bag. Just be sure to roll the bag down, and reseal your bag with a clothes peg, rubber band, or purchase one of our Coffee Clips.


Why compostable?

After countless samples, test and retest we landed on compostable as the best balance between quality and sustainability for our 250g. We’re excited by this move that reduces our carbon footprint by 50%, whilst retaining the freshness of our coffee. Sustainable packaging continues to evolve and as will ours including our 1kg in 2023. Exciting times!


Doesn’t no zip mean not as fresh?

Our tests show the opposite; when you reseal the bag with a ‘roll n’ clip, not zip, there’s less movement of O2 in and less seepage of CO2 out. These results were consistent when tested at day 3,7,14 and 21. Win-win.


You've gone wrap-less too?

Yes, less material overall. Plus for our blends we've gone label-less, printing directly onto the bags using compostable inks, with wicked artwork by Georgia Hill.


Can I compost your 1kg packs?

No. More circularity coming in 2023. For now, hand us your empty 1kg bag for upcycling. Score a free Parachute for that too.


Which enviro groups do my purchases support?

Seabin, ReLove, WeForest, Greenfleet, World Coffee Research and Pollinate Group via 1% for the Planet.


Why does 75% of home coffee get purchased through supermarkets?

Convenience, price, habit, and that's OK. We just want to point out a solid alternative from a 'value' point of view - buy your home coffee from cafes. You'll be benefitting from fresh beans, which deliver the most flavour. And the cafe will freshly grind for you, another flavour win. You'll get brewing advice. (And don't worry, if you don't want an earful of specialty coffee speak, we can dial it down ;)). Finally, feel good knowing you're supporting independent business in your local community.


Got any more frequently or infrequently asked questions? Hit us up on info@singleo.com.au


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