espresso gemma

We caught up with the brain behind our latest art bag artist, Gemma O'Brien. Grab a spro - or two and read on.


What’s your coffee order? 

Double espresso please! 


Is that your usual coffee order? 

Double espresso or a 3/4 long black 


We’re here at four ate five, what’s your connection to the cafe? 

It’s one of my favourite spots in Sydney. Close to the Brett Whitely gallery and Title, an awesome book store.I used to come here when I first moved to Sydney after riding bikes as this meeting points between Redfern and the Beaches. 


Can you tell us a bit about the process of creating the art bag? 

Inspired by coffee, I found a coffee plant around the corner, took some photos of the berries, drew them, incorporated the single o logo, sketched a black and white version with pen and paper, and then moved to colour. Combined all the elements together visually and voila, Single O art bag 


You’ve used an O for this work, obviously for Single O. What’s your process in deciding what letters or phrases to use in your work? 

I’m a woman of words! I keep a record of random phrases from dreams or conversations or things I’ve overheard and then I like to select them based on how they look and what they mean. 


Have you got a favourite piece of work? 

Yes! My ultimate favourite is a mural I created that says Joy. Combines psychedelic elements, flowers, text to create this elevated dream world!


Who should do our next art bag? 

Three options - Louise Zhang, Kris Andrew Small or Nadia Hernández. Take your pick 

Espresso Gemma Espresso Gemma