gettin' loopy

…gettin’ loopy at Single O. And no, not in the ‘we’ve had way too many coffees and going around in circles’ way (although yes, that too). We’re getting loopy, in the recycle, upcycle, any cycle way, focusing on circularity within our network. Bypassing the boring sh*t, greenwashing sh*t & all the other sh*t that we’ve seen in the name of sustainability, we’re having some fun (getting loopy if you will). Whilst we’ve never been saints & recognise that our industry has a lot to answer for, we’ve always tried to champion circular waste and carbon reduction initiatives such as becoming carbon neutral, joining 1% for the planet, plus a bunch of other projects and innovations from the milk juggler to a solar-powered roastery.

Whilst we’re busy in the background conjuring more ways to cut our waste, we’re stoked to introduce ‘Gettin’ Loopy’, our new circular collab series. Working with amazing partners to make new stuff from old stuff, to try stuff the planet less.


If you’ve ever drunk a coffee at Surry Hills, Hamacho or many other fine hospitality establishments, you’ve probably sipped from a Malcolm Greenwood cup. We’ve worked with this local Sydney ceramicist for over 10 years since he first did our espresso cups way back when. It was over a recent coffee while talking about Mamma Earth and No Death to Coffee, that we dreamed about the possibility of a fully circular ceramic cup using waste materials. A few months (and many coffees) later, enter Sludge Cups. In laymen’s terms, sludge is what ceramicists call the waste from wash-up sinks and porcelain scrapings. Like the bin chickens of cups, the sea mussels of ceramics, the concept of ever-changing fully circular sludge cups helps eat-up the scraps of hospitality commissions and home ceramics. Each batch of cups will be unique with a mystery glaze in a unique pattern mirroring the placement of Malcolm's fingers.

Click here & make a loop through checkout to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind piece.


We’re bringing our latest Art Bag Project work by legendary Paul McNeil onto equally legendary tees. These are made from organic textile waste & organic raw cotton. Plus, they’re made solely using energy from wind and solar power. Less water, less energy & less chemicals? Now we’re talking.

Want one? Us too. Pick up a tee here (before we beat you to it).


Last, but definitely not least, is a loop we’ve created and attempting to close. Our 1kg blend bags (which are now all blazoned with rotating art), are still a niggling sustainability issue. As we continue to research on solutions to move to a more circular 1kg bag, we decided to do some upcycling!

We’ve taken surf-inspired Art Bag and created surf wax bags (you can also use them for your keys, phone, soap for the gym, dog treats, human treats, Parachutes, the list continues). These have been created by our mate Gabi from Bag Me Out, the very talented maker of all things reusable.

PS. If you’ve got an Art Bag lying around at home, drop it at your local Single O so we can give it a second life.

''Thanks for helping us as we try not to stuff the planet and joining us as we're...(Read the first sentence)'