go awol

Three months ago, we gave decaf a name. Introducing AWOL, a blend we love to serve.


But why the name? Because all our blends had a name, Reservoir, Killerbee, Yeehah, Collider. And decaf was decaf. What kind of a name is decaf anyway? It's not really a name. It's time we gave decaf the love it deserves. At the end of the day, we're a coffee roaster, not a caffeine supplier. And decaf is coffee. And a great coffee at that.


So, what's AWOL in AWOL? Firstly, the caffeine. It's 99.9% chemical free. And the decaf process is chemical free. In many cases, chemical solvents are used to remove caffeine from the bean. However, thanks to the legends at Swiss Water, only water is used to extract caffeine, which means the coffee's natural flavour can be preserved (stay tuned for more on this soon). So yup, the chemicals have gone AWOL. Finally, we in fact have gone AWOL, at 2.30 from the office, ordering (proudly) an AWOL at our local.


Grab a bag of AWOL, order an AWOL latte, brew an AWOL french press, go AWOL.