Welcome Collider drinkers & brewers!
Whether you’ve landed here to learn more about Collider, or you’re brewing up some of its layered berry & chocolate nectar at home, here’s the latest single origin lots featured within, along with our brew guide. 
Taste: Ripe berry, hints of spice & bittersweet chocolate finish. 
Espresso: 21g in / 36g out /25 sec

Current Origins: 

  • UGANDA,  Rwenzori Natural
  • BRAZIL,  Mogiana
  • PAPUA NEW GUINEA,  Eastern Highlands
Rwenzori, Uganda  
This natural processed coffee comes from the Rwenzori Mountain region in Uganda, which is rich with fertile, volcanic soil. The cherries are selectively picked, separated by floatation, slow dried for 21-35 days developing a juicy, fruity sweetness. 
One More Thing:
Our fresh take on the mocha java blending style, which juxtaposes coffees with bright berry & deep chocolate tones. The union of these star-crossed coffees is greater than the sum of their parts & their differences make them complete. 
Inspired by Collider, and as part of our 1% For The Planet commitment, we’ve been donating towards WeForest. They work across Ethiopia to reverse land degradation and support forest friendly livelihoods. We’re also proud to be supporters of World Coffee Research, Greenfleet and other blend-inspired causes. 
*We seasonally update with fresh coffee harvests, always blending to the desired taste profile.