firecracker bloom edition


Taste: Rambutan, rose syrup & yuzu. 

Origins: Indonesia Pegasing & Colombia La Laguna.  

Process: Natural.

Suited to: All methods.


One More Thing: In celebration of the sparks that bloom above Sumida’s waterways, we bring you this limited blend. And the sparks aren’t the only thing blooming this year. It’s full swing for Japan; travel back on the cards, businesses are flourishing and summer is here. And what better way to represent coming together again than the artwork on our bag by Australian Japanese artist, Kazuki Komatsu. Shining as brightly as the notes of rambutan, rose syrup and yuzu, sparkling in this coffee.



20g / 52g / 24sec.


15.5g coffee / 250g water / 3min


60g/L or 72g/1.2L for Breville.


Home Compostable Bags:

All our 150g & 250g bags are 100% home compostable, 50% less carbon impact, will use 73% less fossil fuel and save 10 tonne of traditional plastic over five years. Help mamma earth by disposing of these bags in a compost.

We’ve gone zipperless too, saving an extra 12% carbon! Keep you coffee fresh by resealing your bag with a peg, clip, rubberband or grab one of our coffee clips or coffee band-its.  
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