gesha duo

Two gesha, two processes, two farms, one epic producer. Stoked to have scored this limited duo lot from Elias and Shady Bayter. Get em while you can!

COLOMBIA Rebel Gesha Honey 150g

Beginning with an anaerobic pre-fermentation, coffee cherries are submerged in an underwater soak for 20 hours. Next, skins are removed and the coffee is dried in the open for 24 hours resulting in a complex yet delicate show- case for the inherent qualities of the Gesha variety. Much love for the Rebel!

Taste: Apricot & jasmine.
Process: Honey

COLOMBIA Marcela Gesha Carbonic Maceration 150g

This hot lil Gesha, one of the most demanding coffees produced at El Vergel Estate, has been planted at the highest elevation based specifically on the soil and climate conditions. It was processed with mature cherry, and Carbonic Maceration fermentation for 52 hours, followed by slow intermittent shade and sun drying.

Taste: Blackberry & lime.
Process: Carbonic Maceration



Filter: 15g coffee/ 250g water/ 2min 30 sec.