Welcome Yeehah! drinkers & brewers. Whether you’ve landed here to learn more about Yeehah!, or you’re brewing up some of its caramel, raisin & macadamia flavours at home, here’s the latest single origin lots featured within, along with our brew guide. 



Yeehah! builds like a shout from within as its luscious texture grips you from the get go. Something of a cowboy in the arabica world, Yeehah! features a portion of premium grade robusta, which we cupped extensively to find. 



Caramel, raisin & macadamia, weighty body & texture. 



Check-in weekly to try our updated brew specs 




  • Brazil, Santos 
  • Papua New Guinea
  • India, Chikmagaluru


*We seasonally update with fresh coffee harvests, always blending to the desired taste profile 


REGION SPOTLIGHT ON: India Kappi Royale 

The coffee for this lot was produced by various smallholder producers, who sold their production to the local mill. All coffee in India is shade-grown, meaning under a canopy of trees, contributing to a healthy and sustainable cultivation system.  Bringing the Yee to the hah! 



Inspired by Yeehah!, and as part of our 1% For The Planet commitment, we’ve been donating towards Pollinate Group. They do epic work helping women from marginalised communities in India earn a dignified income and find their voice. We’re also proud to be supporters of World Coffee Research, Greenfleet and other blend-inspired causes.